Precision Mapping Streets & Traveler v9 (DVD-ROM)


Precision Mapping v9
is no longer available from Undertow. 

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Precision Mapping Streets & Traveler is one of the best-selling map and travel planning software applications that helps you easily meet all your travel planning needs. Generate maps and directions, customize your route, find interesting stops along the way. Then, spend your time enjoying your trip, not trying to plan it.

  • Easy to use - Traveler will make it a snap for you to plan the perfect trip, with one or multiple stops, layovers, points of interest (POI) along the way, start and stop driving times for each trip segment.  And, if mapping is your primary need, control the layers that are being painted, change state colors or highlight a state, display an elevation (shaded Relief) layer, display railroad tracks, and much more...
  • Find more Destinations - Select from millions of built-in POIs including hotels, gas stations, restaurants, casinos, landmarks, and much more.  Add your own POI collections such as Walmart stores, Starbucks locations, campgrounds, or the best ice cream stops.
  • Trip planning a snap - Tailor your trips by setting driving speeds, and road types to prefer, for example, highways and choose a more scenic route. Include multiple destinations and multiple stops to rest, refuel or to just take a few hours and explore the area.
  • Precipitation Radar Images - Connect to the internet and download Precipitation Radar Image overlays, from the National Weather Service, automatically matched to the map data, so you can see what the weather looks like in the areas you are travelling.
  • Change your Itinerary - Save your trip and modify it at any time, wherever you are.  Add more stops, extend your stay at a particular location, change your driving options for a specific segment, create exclusion areas that you do not want to drive through,...
  • UiView Compatible - If you are a UiView user, then you'll be happy to know that this version of Precision Mapping is compatible with UiView, through the new version of PMapServer9 that is slated to be released at the same time, by the original developers of the PMapServer interface.
  • Import Other data - With an expanded, yet easy-to-use import interface, display third party GIS data on the maps. MID/MIF or SHP data files, or just dBase point files or images, nothing could be easier.  Also control the way these external data files are painted, e.g. colors, styles, transparency,...
  • Personalize your maps - Add text, mark locations, draw lines and other shapes, add Windows meta files. Create tracks and user views. There is no limit with the built-in powerful toolbars!
  • Add your own Streets - Add new streets and trails that may have not made it to the national road databases, yet - They become part of your mapping system. And, if you want, share these street files with other users of precision mapping.
  • Use it with a GPS - Connect your laptop running Traveler to a NMEA compliant GPS device track your movement on the moving map display (1).
  • Mark what you Like - Place pushpins to identify locations of interest on the map.  Precision Mapping includes hundreds of pushpin images to choose from. Show or hide selected categories of your pushpin collections, easily move or delete visible pushpins, change pushpin categories,...
Precision Mapping Streets & Traveler is priced at only $49.99 so get your copy today to help plan your next trip!

GPS device required (not sold with the program). GPS has to be able to send NMEA sentences to computer.

Minimum System Requirements Recommended:
      Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8
      CPU:  2 GHz
      RAM: 1 Gb
      Hard Disk Space: ~3.5 Gb
      DVD-ROM Drive: Required
      Mouse: Required
      Display: 800x600, 32-bit color