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The Ultimate RV Trip Planning Software

RV Plan 'N' Go 2013
 is no longer available from Undertow Software. 

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The 2013 RV Plan 'N' Go, will take the headache out of planning trips in your RV, with these features

A Wealth of Information about RV Parks, Campgrounds, Service Centers,...

Over 20,000 locations with detailed information for over 8,000 of them (being updated...)

Private and Public RV Parks & Campgrounds (state, national, provincial, military parks)
Hundreds of thousands of points of interest (gas stations, restaurants, hotels, rest areas, ATMs, service centers, pharmacies, attractions, walmarts, starbucks, and more...) (being updated...)
    Updated US and Canadian Street-level maps, based on Tele-Atlas Multinet data
    Trip Planning Capabilities tailored specifically to RV travel

Specify multiple stops along your trip and decide the length of stay at each location

Customize the type of travel you like (Interstates, highways, local roads,...)
Enter gas mileage, gas cost, meal expenses etc. to help figure out your trip cost
Set your daily drive times, avoid toll roads, tunnels, or restrict certain areas from travel
Select to stay at a suggested nearby campground at the end of each day of travel
Discover attractions along your route - museums, golf courses, wineries, miniature golf,...
Track your location on the map as you travel, by connecting to a compatible GPS device

Use Journal to add geocoded pictures of your trip to a file and share them with other users


Customize your map by adding your own POIs, or import files created by others

Download specialty POI files in text (CSV) format and add them to your data

Add your own Points of Interest with a single click
Share POI files you have created, with friends

Add new RV Park locations, add comments for them and share them with other users


Save custom user views to quickly view areas of personal interest in the future


Display Real-time cloud cover & precipitation from the National Weather Service  (1)


Many more features...

Detailed maps including local
neighborhood roads. Plan all of your RV Trips quickly, then go back and modify them to your liking before getting behind the wheel, or modify them mid-tip, you decide! RV Plan 'N' Go was developed with you, the RVer, in mind and is continuously expanded to serve you as the ultimate RV trip planning software. 

The user friendly interface helps you easily search for RV parks, campgrounds, Points of Interest or other landmarks  across the United States and Canada.
You will enjoy planning & customizing your trips with RV Plan 'N' Go. With this unique software you can search, select, and add RV Parks, Campgrounds, POIs and Landmarks to your route with just a click of the mouse.

Undertow will be releasing a minimum of 3 updates to the program, the campground and POI datasets in the next 6 months.  Users of RV Plan 'N' Go 2013 will be able to download these updates, absolutely free!  You can also submit campgrounds you'd like to see in the database and we'll make our best effort to add them, after their information has been verified.

(1) Requires connection to the internet to get the National Weather Service data

Minimum System Resources Recommended

Windows XP/Vista, Win 7 (32-bit), Win 8 (32-bit)
Windows emulator needed to run on Macintosh systems
CPU 2GHz or greater, 1 Gb RAM, HD with 3.3 GB available, DVD Drive (for installation)
Free updates require web browser and internet connection,
NMEA-compliant GPS receiver for GPS features

Page created 7/8/2013