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Customer Testimonials...

"We deploy our mission critical application to thousands of computers across the US.  MapPro80 has given us the capabilities, features and ease of development  that we need to make real-time mapping part of our solution.  Likewise, the technical support team at Undertow Software has always provided us with the quick and reliable support needed for us to be responsive to our clients.”
Alec Gagne - Crimestar Corporation (2011)


"MapPro80 is a no-nonsense mapping component that allows a Windows developer adding GIS functionality to applications. The mapping component – MapPro80 offers an impressive array of functions for rendering maps, zooming in/out, performing search and GIS calculations, yet it does not require an exhausting learning curve. MapPro80 offers a number of GUI components like toolbars and stock dialogs, but does not force them onto the developer, like other GIS tools do. The application developed with MapPro80 is still ‘your’ application, not your application added to a foreign environment graciously allowing you, the developer to ‘talk to it’. The maps that come with MapPro80 are high quality high resolution street level maps that are copied to the target PC and the developer does not have worry about ‘stitching’ layers or loading files. It is all done by MapPro80 so the developer can concentrate on the program structure and logic."   Michael Rubinstein - COMTRAN Associates (2011)


We have been happily using Undertow software controls since 2006.  Undertow has unmatched features with easy integration to our 32-bit software application as well as technical support that is world class.   The top reasons we chose Undertow Software’s MapPro80 are its superior documentation for the developer and the exceptional support and attention we receive as a customer.  Thank you for 5 years of quality.  Chris Carbajal - Pyramid Communications (2011)


"MapPro80 was easy to integrate into our product, and performs very well.  Our focus has been on geocoding/reverse geocoding, and queries to the MapPro80 control return consistent, accurate results.   The team at Undertow always provides excellent technical support!Jeff Kenneally - CarteNav Solutions (2011)